1/2-Inch Torque Wrench Drive Click Adjustable (45-255 ft.-lb./65-350 Nm) Range

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Precise Scale: This torque wrench is certified to have been calibrated prior to shipment to the accuracy of +/- 4% in the clockwise direction.
Adjustable Clockwise or Counterclockwise:45-tooth reversible ratchet,Twist shifter cap clockwise for countercklockwise direction.
Setting Torque: Pull down the lock knob, turn the grip to adjust the torque, push the lock knob back to lock the grip.
Durable: Steel structure without plastic parts to be strong and not easy to damage.
Non-slip Design:All-metal handle with non-slip pattern for a strong grip. 

Torque wrench indicates when  the preset torque has been  reached by releasing for a few  degree of free travel, which is usually accompanied by an audible "click" signal.
Direction Setting:
Twist shifter cap clockwise for counterclockwise direction. Twist shifter cap counterclockwise for clockwise direction.
Setting Torque:
1.Pull the lock knob out downside. The locking and unlocking directions are indicated by appropriate icons on the lock knob.
2.Turn the grip in the clockwise direction to increase the torque, and in the counterclockwise to decrease it.
3.The major scales show the amount of torque in both primary and secondary units. The minor scale shows fine increments in primary units.
4. Push the lock knob back to lock the grip. The minor scale may move a small amount to either side of the centerline mark without affecting the accuracy of your setting.
This torque wrench is a precision instrument intended to be used only to tighten screws, bolts and nuts to a desired torque. Do not use it as a "nut breaker", pry bar, hammer, or in lieu of a regular ratchet wrench.
1.When not in use, adjust the wrench to its lowest reading (except on Preset and Electronic torque wrenches), and store it in the provided case.
2.With the exception of the ratchet mechanism, do not lubricate the wrench. The ratchet mechanism may be lubricated as needed with a few drops of light machine oil.
3.Do not use acetone or other solvents to clean the wrench, use window cleaner or denatured alcohol applied with a clean cloth instead.
4. With the exception of the ratchet mechanism, there are no user-serviceable parts. Do not disassemble the torque wrench for any reason. When service is needed, send the wrench to the nearest factory-authorized service center.