Refractometer Digital Coffee Sugar Concentration Meter Brix with BRIX / TDS Dual Scale Display Temperature Compensation Function Multifunction for the Food Industry and Agricultural Juice Fruit Portable Refractomer

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1.Easy to Use: Only 1 drop of sample is needed, and the button is read immediately after 3 seconds. The digital display shows TDS/Brix (%), °C

2.Easy calibration: With 1 drop of water, press the "ZERO" button to return to zero. It can be operated with one hand. The special induction tank is not easy to flow out.

3.Portable and Exquisite, Low power consumption, Anti-loss design.

4.High accurate measurement: The resolution is 0.01 and High accurate sensor. Coffee concentration (TDS) and coffee sugar (Brix value) can be measured.

5.ScientificDesign: Using linear CMOS sensor with high precision and great repeatability, High-performance waterproof and anti-shock material Low power consumption,With 10~50 °C automatic temperature compensation function, IP65 waterproof protection level.

Press key “READ” 1 second only.

“S01” is for Brix %, this also can test all liquid with sugar such as juice, milky tea ect, range is 0-30%. “S02” is for coffee concentration, range is 0-25.

Press key“READ” 1 second, meter will give the current value, if press key“READ” 2 seconds more, meter will make and countdown 15 times’ measurements, the reading is the average value.

Press key “SCALE” more than 2 seconds,meter will display Celsius or Fahrenheit.

No need calibration every time.

Meter will power off within one minute if no any operation.

ACCURACY : (Brix)0.2%
ACCURACY: 0.0003nD
RESOLUTION: (Brix)0.1%
Measurement Temperature: 0-40℃(ATC) 
Environment Temperature: 0-40℃(ATC) 
Sample Volume Needed: >0.2ml 


1.Please clean and wash the sample plate with distilled water and dry it with sofl cleaning cloth or paper towel after finishing the measuring one kind sample.

2.Never left the remains and residuals of samples in the sample plate for long time.

3.Afier finishing measurements of the corrosive liquid, please clean the sample plate as quick as possible to avoid the irreparable damage of the prism and metal surface of the plate.

4.Please use soft cleaning cloth or paper towel to clean the sample plate to avoid scribing the prism's glass.

5.When the dropper and dust-free cloth are not used, please clean it with clean water and put it in the packing box after drying.

6.If no using the instrument for a long time, please remove the battery, and preserved in a cooI and dry environment.

1 x machine

1 x hard protective case
1 x Distilled water for calibration
1 x one sucker