Digital Micrometer 0-1" / 0-25mm Electronic Display Gauge 0.00004" / 0.001mm Thickness Measuring Inch / Metric Diameter Caliper ( with Extra Battery )

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1.Measuring Range: The resolution is 0.001 mm (0.00005"), and Large measuring range at 0-25 mm (1 ").

2.Spindle Diameter 6.5 mm, with hardened stainless steel lockers

3.LCD Screen: LCD with electronic digital display, easy reading.

4.3V Button Battery: 2 X CR2032 lithium battery, high capacity, durable and safe

5.Incremental or absolute measurements / mm / inch conversion

1.ON \ OFF ... SET: ON/OFF and set button. Press the button briefly, switch the device on and off, press this button for a long time and set the zero to "0.25,50,75". "Hold down the button to alternately display several zero values Key when one of the zero values is displayed The zero value is the currently displayed value.

2.ZERO:Zero button. Press the button. The data will be used as default starting value (0.25,50,75).

3. ABS ... in / mm: Relative and absolute scale conversion key, metric and inch conversion key. Press this button briefly to perform the absolute measurement and the relative dimension conversion "In" and small font "5", it will be displayed in inches.